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The film was shot over a period of three years by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, two Italian filmmakers who had gained fame (along with co-director Paolo Cavara) as the directors of Mondo Cane in 1962.

This film ensured the viability of the so-called Mondo film genre, a cycle of "shockumentaries"- documentaries featuring sensational topics, a description which largely characterizes Africa Addio.

The film's footage was seized by police, and the editing process was halted during the legal proceedings.

He was acquitted after he and co-director Franco Prosperi produced documents proving they had arrived at the scene just before the execution took place.

An English-language version currently released by Blue Underground runs 128 minutes.

The film was released as Africa Blood and Guts in the USA in 1970, at only 83 minutes (over 45 minutes removed in order to focus exclusively on scenes of carnage); according to the text of the box for the Blue Underground release, directors Jacopetti and Prosperi both disowned this version. The documentary was written, directed, and edited jointly by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi and was narrated by Sergio Rossi (not to be confused with the fashion designer of the same name). Film critic Roger Ebert, in a scathing 1967 review of the (unauthorized) American version of the film, calls it "racist" and claims that it "slanders a continent".

The endeavor is so modern and recent that there is no room to discuss it at the moral level.The film has appeared in a number of different versions.The Italian and French versions were edited and were provided with narration by Jacopetti himself.Today there is a new Africa - modern and ambitious.The old Africa died amidst the massacres and devastations we filmed.

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" In West Germany, a protest movement against the film emerged after Africa Addio was awarded by the state-controlled movie rating board (Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden).

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