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*Prices in US$ apply to orders placed in the Americas only.Prices in GBP apply to orders placed in Great Britain only.Apatite crystals from a hybrid cumulative rock from the Western Tatra Mountains were dated at 344 ± 3 Ma.Apatite is one of the main REE carriers in this sample and exhibit flat REE patterns.Apatite is a ubiquitous accessory mineral found in most magmatic rocks and is often the only U-bearing mineral available to date mafic rocks because primary zircon and/or baddeleyite are not present.In this paper, U-Pb LA-ICP-MS dating of apatite was applied to seven different dike and sill samples of dolerite from the Variscan belt of Brittany (Armorican Massif, western France).(1987), who studied the diffusion rate of He from apatite and proposed that apatite He dating might provide a useful thermochronometer, recording cooling through about 100°C. 1997, Farley 2000) and in the natural setting (House et al. 2000) have confirmed this idea, and the technique has now been applied to a range of tectonic, geologic and geomorphologic problems (e.g., House et al. Further studies both in the laboratory (Lippolt et al.

K-Ar, Rb-Sr, U-Pb), interest in the Helium systematics of minerals waned.

In principle, therefore, this technique provides a useful supplement to the information provided by AFTA.

represents the alpha-decay constants for the respective isotopes and t is the time over which He has accumulated.

The most recently developed dating technique applied to phosphates, described in this chapter, uses the accumulation of α particles from U and Th series decay, (U-Th)/He dating.

While phosphate U-Th-Pb dating is usually used to date high temperature events such as crystallization of igneous rocks and the timing of prograde metamorphism, fission track and (U-Th)/He dating are more commonly used to establish cooling histories through low temperatures, for example, in the range ~110-40°C in the case of apatite. Monazite and xenotime have only recently come under scrutiny for He geochronology (e.g., Pik and Marty 1999), and little is yet known of their potential for routine geo- or thermochronometry.

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These results reveal the existence of a major and short-lived magmatic event in the Variscan belt of Brittany during the Devonian-Carboniferous transition, a feature further highlighted by field evidence.

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