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A diverse country in all aspects with influences from many different cultures, each region has it's own specific traditions and customs.

Maintaining this diversity and preserving it's cultural heritage has become one of Morocco's top priorities.

Some time after the hammam, more women will come and the bride will celebrate a henna party.

During this party, she gets elaborate henna on her hands and feet to adorn herself for her wedding, while her friends talk and laugh and dance to very loud music.

At the same time, the bride is in some other house eating dinner with her closer family. She will be accompanied by her close family, loud trumpets, and huge flowers, as she is carried slowly to the place of the wedding party.

Sometimes she does not arrive at the party until around midnight .

However, there has been some change in this, too, as the nuclear family is much more recognized as an identity, and many people choose not to live in their parents house after marriage.When she arrives she is paraded around on her table, to the obvious delight of all the guests. The groom will also arrive at a similar time, sometimes with the bride, sometimes with his own set of people.In the city, the bride usually enters the party in a Western white traditional dress.The extended family remains a clearly tight-nit and fundamental value in Morocco, though.With family being so fundamental, and therefore marriage being such a central part of culture, the wedding is an elaborate affair.

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Rich in art, architecture, and cuisine, this distinctively diverse country is a holiday destination for many travelers.

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