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There is one guy who appears to be a recluse and never leaves the house.He is always there with his loud computer games that sound like explosions. At one point, I was in the house with music coming from the back yard, upstairs and to the side.

Also wants to kill Satan, in this case in the desire to use that to restore the temple he's from.

It was far and away the nicest place in our budget that we had seen - it was big enough, in a good location with good cycle routes and bus services into the city, and it had a great big garden which we loved.

But it also came with a problem which was that it was the downstairs flat in a converted house and there was no sound insulation - and I mean none at all, zero, zip, nada sound insulation between the upstairs flat and ours.

When we first moved in there was a couple upstairs that were about to move and quite frankly we could not be bothered to kick up a fuss when we knew they would only be there for another couple of weeks.

We thought they were just inconsiderate and that the noise issue would be no more when new, nicer neighbours moved in to replace them.

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I recently co-wrote a book: "Organic & Inorganic Chemistry - A Comprehensive Summary" in 2009.

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