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'We feel hopefully this film will provide the other side – from close family friends, from those who knew her best and from those who want to protect her memory and want to remind people of the person she was.'He spoke about wanting people to see 'the warmth, the humour and what she was like as a mother', and of the brothers' desire to see her legacy 'live on in our work'.'You have to remember,' he concluded, 'that there are people who don't even know about her; there are 25-year-olds who probably have just heard the odd snippet about her, so this is introducing her to a new audience as well.'Even without the benefit of William's insight, it will be clear to viewers from the very first moments that this film is that most heartbreaking of things: a love letter from two little boys to the mother they lost.There is a vulnerability to the princes' recollections of Diana, an aching sadness that – for all the happiness they might find in their lives – will never truly leave them.Because while this film is a loving tribute to an adored mother, some will inevitably see it as something else: an implicit rejection of their father, Charles, and of the royal identity he has sought to establish with Camilla, Diana's nemesis.

It is almost as if the House of Windsor now stands divided, with two clear alternative visions forming of the future of monarchy beyond the reign of Elizabeth II.This is where William, Kate, George and Charlotte will be living when the young family move back to London this autumn.Here Prince Harry's glamorous girlfriend Meghan Markle visits him in his bachelor pad, Nottingham Cottage, and cooks up a storm with ingredients from nearby Whole Foods.You see a lifetime of pain in William's eyes as he recalls her final words to him.Watching this film, so much about William and Harry falls into place.

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