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But they have disagreed over whether the birds are on the lookout for males with the right genes (genetic compatibility between the partners might help lower the high rates of embryonic mortality seen in the species) or the right behaviors.

(A male that is as exploratory and active as a female, for example, may make it easier to coordinate chick rearing in the often large and chaotic colonies where these birds breed).

“It seems that the chosen pairs, those 'love marriages,' invested more into reproduction, were more committed, more faithful, and more motivated to raise their family.” Such findings might point to an explanation of love’s evolutionary benefits, such as increased survival of young, she says.

These are the alternative coffee pods available to British buyers right now: So, switch from Nespresso to Lidl's Bellarom brand and the cost for a three-a-day habit drops to £200 per year – a saving of £130.As opposed to females of other bird species, which tend to prefer males with brighter plumage or longer tails (traits that suggest that the males have good, healthy genes), female zebra finches seem to choose mates for some mysterious reason known only to each lady bird.Sometimes one will go for the guy with the bright red beak, sometimes the male with the thrilling song, sometimes neither. In the past, scientists have speculated that a desire for compatibility might be the answer.And the company has agreed to comply not just in France but around the world.Nespresso is Britain's most popular home coffee-making system.

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