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So for a frighteningly large number of Americans, belief in the underlying principle of supporting the free speech rights of all viewpoints to be heard is tantamount to sharing the viewpoints of the various speakers themselves. The high court unanimously upheld the lower court that ruled the statute in question serves a legitimate governmental interest and regulates conduct, not speech.Thankfully, for all fair-minded and intellectually curious Americans, the U. Since speech is not implicated, neither is the First Amendment.In addition to the sexual consent law, the government is also planning other legislation which will improved victim support service, fight sexual exploitation and human trafficking, make buying sex abroad illegal and increase prison sentences for offenders.There is also a 10-year plan in place to fight men’s violence against women and a plan to introduce electronic tagging of convicted domestic abusers.

Well, first of all, if there were any “confrontations” over the content of the decal, those who confront the truck’s owner would be ...Some forms of expressive conduct get First Amendment protection, but this principle extends ... Washington, DC – The Cato Institute recently published the result of its survey of Americans’ view of free speech and the First Amendment.The results are alarming for those of us who still believe in free speech rights for everyone, not just those people and ideas with whom we already agree.And contrary to the values of an open society that both the United States and Great Britain and most of the advanced world adheres to. How else can one explain his alarming argument in a federal criminal trial that protesters at Trump’s inauguration should be convicted because they “agreed to destroy your city and now they are hiding behind the First Amendment.” As you may recall, hundreds of protestors took to the streets during Trump’s inauguration.I don't want to live in a world in which the state is making decisions as to who says what.” His view and voice .... Some in the crowd turned violent and engaged in acts of vandalism.

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A New Jersey law makes it a crime to engage in a “course of alarming conduct or of repeatedly committed acts with a purpose to alarm or seriously annoy” a person “with purpose to harass.” Because of the First Amendment, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that the law must be limited in cases where it’s applied to expression, as opposed to conduct. However, for whatever reason, six individuals were singled out and put on trial.

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