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i personally wouldnt have a problem with it..i mean people make mistakes and they grow up, but if i feel like if im truly into you, then it would only be right that i accept your child also..i hope you take care and find a suitable companion in the future... some give downright unislamic advise which may be wrong -------------"O Lord, forgive me, my parents and Muslims in the Hereafter.


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Not only is the disgraced hookup site for cheating spouses mounting a comeback, it’s claiming some hard-to-believe numbers when it comes to new users — upwards of 400,000 a month worldwide, a company spokesman told The Post.

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Always Told repeatedly, I was/am the Matriarchal Heir Apparent; Reminded me of my role, before she transitioned; SO, What does that mean???? Clarke(3 other daughters had boys); Would Like to know the names of Great Grand Ma Hester's Father & Mother???