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Think about replacing part of the problem, product or process with something else.

By looking for replacements you can often come up with new ideas.

It was created by Bob Eberle in the early 70s, and it definitely stood the test of time.

In this posting, I present a complete SCAMPER primer, along with two free creativity-boosting resources: a downloadable reference mind map and an online tool that generates random questions to get you out of a rut whenever you need.

A classic example is Mac Donald’s founder Ray Kroc.

Think about combining two or more parts of your problem to create a different product or process or to enhance their synergy.

You will find below a comprehensive help guide to using SCAMPER.

There are more than 60 questions that can be asked, along with almost 200 words and expressions you can create associations with.

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I’ve put together all the SCAMPER questions from the previous sections in a mind map, formatted for a single printed page.

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