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Most times for these spirits to operate,they must have a legal ground to operate. Then she should set aside her rosary,denounce that open door and call forth the fire of God upon any power that wants to waste her life and destiny because in 1st timothy, God has translated us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of his heavenly Son.

When I say legal ground, I mean a ground on which they stand upon which us humans have knowingly or unknowingly given them. Whatever wants to keep us in the bondage of darkness is wickedly wicked and badly bad and as such must not be handled with kid gloves. Demons will only bow down at the name of Jesus Christ, so sister gugulezwe,drop that rosary and start exercising your authority as a child of God.

These group are known as marine witches becos they operate with both powers.

Take for example the fellow who takes the form of a bird and flies off to the coven at night,this is witchcraft.

Some landed in the rocks and became rock spirits,some in the forest and became forest spirits,the ones who landed in the water became water spirits.

This latter category are among the most powerful of demons because of the simple reason that 70% of the earth is covered with water,and our bodies also cannot operate without water.

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No matter how mighty the enemy be, God remains the Almighty.gugulezwe: I was somewhat tempted not share my experience, like the Nigerian idioms states matters of spirituality are not to be discussed with the young.

Don't get me wrong,witches have their own powers,but most times it is less difficult dealing with witches than marine powers.

What troubles gugulezwe is definitely a marine demon.

The fellow who astral travels into the water is operating with a marine power.

Hardly will you find a marine demon in attendance at a coven meeting. For the simple fact that they are on different levels in the kingdom of darkness.

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